Approach to Credit Structuring

Blue Torch has extensive experience underwriting complex situations quickly as a solution provider, working efficiently alongside key transaction stakeholders.

  • Understanding of the borrower, industry, collateral

  • Certainty of close

  • Ability to execute diligence and underwriting quickly

  • In-depth knowledge of investing in illiquid assets
  • Ability to navigate complex capital structures

  • Experience identifying underlying values in distressed situations

  • Underwriting capabilities include assessing enterprise value as well as tangible / intangible asset value

Flexible Approach to Lending

  • Primary focus is a direct lending strategy to “companies in transition” those that may require a solutions oriented lender with experience underwriting complex situations, be undergoing operational, financial, legal or regulatory transformations or hurdles, or require financing solutions within an accelerated time period.

  • Flexible mandate allows Blue Torch to pivot depending on market conditions and pursue opportunities investing in participation and secondary markets, alongside middle market private equity firms and bank backlogs.

Target Company and Loan Characteristics